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Personal Training & Nutrition Planning

Dark Horse Fitness offers personal training,

nutrition planning, contest prep and general

orientation training sessions to familiarize

yourself with the gym.

Schedule a Training Session or Consult Online Today!

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Personal Training

Personal training sessions are offered in 1 hour increments and canned be scheduled online by both members and non-members.

$75/hr Non-Members

$60/hr Members

Equipment Orientation

If you need some guidance around the gym to understand the equipment, you can schedule a session to get one on one instruction.

Nutrition Planning Consultation

Schedule a consult free of charge of to discuss your goals and our options.  We want to make sure we are able to build a custom meal plan that is able to meet your goals and fit your lifestyle.

Workout Consultation

Schedule a consult free of charge to discuss your exercise goals and your options.   We want to make sure we are able to build a training program that is able to meet your goals.

Contest Prep Consultation

If you are considering stepping on stage to compete, schedule a session to discuss your options and get an understanding of everything involved in preparing for contests.